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NFFD NZ and Write-In 2

Hello everyone,

Hope you're having a nice, if wet, summer, and that you enjoyed some of the International Short Story Day activities that took place yesterday.
This is just a quick message to remind you that 22nd June is National Flash-Fiction Day in New Zealand. All the info about what's going on is online at so tune in and see what's going on.
To celebrate, we're launching another Write-In. This will start to coincide with the start of the 22nd in NZ (about 45 mins at time of writing) and finish at midnight on the 22nd here (about 35 hours and 45 mins...)
How this will work is that we will provide a prompt for you, over at the The Write-in ( ) which will go live at 1pm BST and we will be accepting submissions of flash-fictions on that theme (max word count of 500, no limits on style or genre) until it closes at midnight tomorrow. Submissions outside that time will not be considered. 
So, get your brains back in gear, and get ready. Oh, and please spread the word. We'd love as many stories as possible, from all over the globe!
Let's do that antipodean flash thing!

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