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Micro-Fiction Competition 2013 – Results Announcement

We received nearly 450 entries for our competition this year, and the standard was amazingly high. Choosing just 10 winners was incredibly difficult, but the judges managed it in the end.

So, without any further fanfare, the winners - and their stories - are...

First Prize: 'A Handful' by Tim Stevenson

Second Prize: 'Spinning' by Oliver Barton

Third Prize: 'X' by Amy Mackelden

Highly Commended:
'Lost For Words' by Andrea Mullaney
'My Grandad was Roy Rogers' by Anouska Huggins
'Dot to Dot man' by Alison Wells
'Slather' by Clare Kirwan
'The Gradual Discovery of Loss' by Eva Holland
'All Light' by Alan Beard
'India' by Joanna Campbell

Congratulations to all of them!

9 thoughts on “Micro-Fiction Competition 2013 – Results Announcement

  1. Craig Sutton

    The feeling that stays with me after reading this year's winners is one of loss and absence. I enjoyed them.


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