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Update from Santino Prinzi

I’ve been a volunteer with National Flash Fiction Day since 2014, after I had my first ever flash fiction called ‘What We Do in Our Sleep’ published in the 2014 anthology Eating My Words. With each passing year I have taken on more and more responsibility, including co-editing the 2019, 2018, and 2017 anthologies and joining Calum Kerr as one of the co-directors. It has been a challenge, it has been rewarding, and it has been fun.

It goes without saying that National Flash Fiction Day means a lot to me, but there’s truth in the saying that you can sometimes have too much of a good thing. Some of you may already be aware of this, but I’m officially sharing that I’m having a fallow year.

Plans for National Flash Fiction Day 2020 are well underway, having been organised by my tremendous co-directors Diane Simmons and Ingrid Jendrzejewski. They’ll be running the show while I work on some exciting personal projects – including having a break! There will be more news about those soon…

My plan is to come back towards the end of 2020 when we’ll begin planning our 2021 celebrations, which will mark National Flash Fiction Day’s TENTH anniversary!

As always, thank you all for your continued support of NFFD. Without it, we couldn’t do what we do.

Santino Prinzi

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