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We advertised an evening with an Open Mic, reading, writing and whatever came along, with a film of the event to end it off.   The results came be seen on  The Shrewsbury Coffeehouse was full.  For tablecloths we had lining paper and left pens about.  People arrived saying they hadn’t brought stories to read – they’d just come to listen - but as the evening progressed and others went up to the Open Mic, just about everybody began to write.  We had individual stories and collaborative ones, friends making up stories together [anything between ten words and five hundred] and strangers coming together to share their imaginations and have a go at flash, then get up and read it.  People left in a state of high excitement.  Apart from the flash itself, they found the evening an amazing experience of coming together and breaking down boundaries. They’ve been talking about it ever since.  People are now writing who weren’t before. Visit us on our Facebook page, Flash Fiction Shrewsbury 2012.  Or watch our film.

- Pauline Fisk