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Announcing the 2020 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology Lineup!

First of all, a huge thanks to everyone who submitted work to this year's anthology. We had nearly double the submissions this year as last, and it was a treat to read each and every piece.

We were incredibly impressed at the overall quality of submissions, so much so that we've decided to publish a slightly larger number of pieces this year. However, we did have to make many painful decisions, particularly when it came to common themes. (For example, we received a huge number of pieces about death, and about the death of a parent in particular.) Both editors read each piece anonymously, and we read a good proportion of the submissions many, many times more.  There are so many extraordinary stories that just missed out on our final list, and we'll be rooting for them as they go on to be published elsewhere.

Thank you to everyone who submitted for sharing your words with us. And to those of you who made our final list, huge, huge congratulations.

And now, without further ado, here is the list of titles for the 2020 National Flash Fiction Day anthology:

  • '<3' by Margaret LaFleur
  • 'A summer of sorrows, 1847' by Barbara Buckley Ristine
  • 'After the Flood' by Stephanie Hutton
  • 'All The Birds Have a Death Wish Today' by Rebecca Field
  • 'An Encounter with Hope (the Blue Whale at the Natural History Museum)' by Su Yin Yap
  • 'Arc of Colors' by Lois Baer Barr
  • 'Bath Time' by Helen Rye
  • 'Beneath a Steel Sky' by Natalie Pocock
  • 'Bye-Bye Blighty' by L. A. Wilson
  • 'Catch and Release' by Sara Hills
  • 'Chemical Bonds' by Sarah Mosedale
  • 'Closest to the Edge' by Marissa Hoffmann
  • 'Curb Appeal' by Timothy O. Davis
  • 'Diadem Through the Eyes of the Bear' by Donna L Greenwood
  • 'Endless Possibilities' by Nora Nadjarian
  • 'Family Album' by Amanda Quinn
  • 'Fault Lines' by Lisa Kenway
  • 'Feel For You' by Aisha Phoenix
  • 'Flock' by Nuala O'Connor
  • 'Footnotes' by Jo Withers
  • 'For courage' by Jude Higgins
  • 'Four Plus One' by Carrie Etter
  • '[From Below, The Noise of a Door Slamming]' by Anna Giangiordano
  • 'From the Outside, Everything Looks Fine' by Damhnait Monaghan
  • 'Give You the Stars' by Sheila Scott
  • 'Harbinger' by Epiphany Ferrell
  • 'Homemade food is made with love' by Anita Goveas
  • 'How to talk to your children' by Cathy De'Freitas
  • 'I Often Wish' by Chris Walters
  • 'If My Mother Really Loved Me, She Would've Had Sex With Gene Kelly' by Debra Daniel
  • 'In the Ménagerie D'animaux' by Anna Kisby
  • 'Intimates' by Amy Barnes
  • 'Lobster' by Meg Pokrass
  • 'Look After the Pennies' by Caroline Burrows
  • 'Made With Love' by Lydia Clark
  • 'Mothers' Day' by Alison Wassell
  • 'Music To Mourn Your Dreams By' by Mileva Anastasiadou
  • 'My Grandmother’s Recipe for Victoria Sponge' by Charlie Swailes
  • 'My Mother Had A Stone' by Nod Ghosh
  • 'My sister makes stupendous guacamole but it doesn't get to the root of my problems' by Rob Walton
  • 'Nana’s Biscuit Tin' by Frances Gapper
  • 'Nesting' by Gary Duncan
  • 'Open House' by Hema Nataraju
  • 'Out in the Cold' by Andrew Anderson
  • 'Peter Pan' by Bayveen O'Connell
  • 'Peter Rabbity' by Clementine Burnley
  • 'Picking' by Vijayalakshmi Sridhar
  • 'Rain' by Laura Tickle
  • 'Rock Pools' by Jonathan Cardew
  • 'Root, branch, tree' by Sharon Telfer
  • 'Ruins' by Charlie Swailes
  • 'Second-Storey Window' by Niamh MacCabe
  • 'Shit Parents Say' by Hannah Whiteoak
  • 'Sisters' by Patricia Q. Bidar
  • 'Smoke & Cinnamon' by Trasie Sands
  • 'Taking Stock' by Lara Frankena
  • 'The Flagpole' by Guy Ware
  • 'The Long Walk' by Chella Courington
  • 'The ocean inside my head' by Sam Payne
  • 'The Taxonomy of the Blacksmith's Daughter' by Anne Howkins
  • 'The Tent' by Catherine Ogston
  • 'The Top Family Attraction in Warwickshire 2020' by H. Anthony Hildebrand
  • 'The Wild Side' by James Northern
  • 'This is How it Starts' by Sara Hills
  • 'Traces' by Tracy Fells
  • 'Understanding the Universe' by Jeanette Sheppard
  • 'Wants' by Eilise Norris
  • 'We Are Kin' by Tabetha Newman
  • 'We’ve Been Married Eight Years and My Husband Still Brings Me Flowers ' by Paul Beckman
  • 'What is Incomplete Can Identify a Whole' by Rachel J Fenton
  • 'What Is Ours' by Corey Miller
  • 'What’s Inside a Girl' by Angela Readman
  • 'Worth a Try' by Diane Simmons


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